According to the Broome County Coronavirus tracking website, as of 7:00 a.m. on Tuesday, April 14, 2020, there are 40 pending COVID-19 tests, 139 positive tests, 766 negative tests, 944 tests that have been administered, 8 COVID-19 related deaths, 27 people in recovery, 26 people in precautionary quarantine, and 192 people in mandatory quarantine.

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Our neighboring counties in New York certainly aren't immune. There are 65 confirmed cases in Chenango County, 20 in Cortland, 42 in Deleware, 20 in Tioga, and 110 in Thompkins. In neighboring Pennsylvania counties, Susquehanna has 31 cases, Wayne has 67, and Bradford has 19.

It seems like we hear a lot about the deaths surrounding Coronavirus, but what about the survivors? What about those who have come out safely on the other side, especially those who have been hospitalized?

What the world needs now is hope. Hope that should you or I land in the hospital fighting for our lives against Coronavirus that we've got some sort of a chance to beat it.

Earlier this month we shared the story of William “Bill” Lapschies of Oregon, a 104-year-old veteran who made it through the Spanish Flu, the Great Depression, World War II and, COVID-19. Joining Mr. Lapschies as survivors are Martin Sarday and Rocky Oppito. Mr. Sarday and Mr. Oppito were inpatients in the COVID unit at Lourdes Hospital in Binghamton. According to a post from the hospital on Facebook, Mr. Sarday was in the hospital for eight days and Mr. Oppito was there for 14 days.

On Monday, April 13, both gentlemen were cleared and discharged from the COVID unit at Lourdes and they were sent out in a celebratory style.

Kudos to Lourdes for sharing this incredible moment. You'll agree that the world needs more hospitals to share hopeful videos like this.

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