Last week was "Take Your Dog to Work Day" and the Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park celebrated in a big way by bringing a dog to their work. Okay, technically it's a dog but they are happy to announce that Magnus the coyote pup is calling the Binghamton Zoo home.

Magnus was rescued by PAWS (Paws Animal Wildlife Sanctuary) in Waterloo, South Carolina. A different home had to be found because of a South Carolina law that says that he can't be let go back into the wild.

The great news is that New York doesn't have a law that prevents the Binghamton Zoo from bringing little Magnus here. They have been raising the 8 week old pup since he showed up on June 8th.

Here's the sad news (for now): Magnus is going through a a quarantine period and will not be on exhibit. The good news: He will be a future resident of Wolf Woods.

To read more about Magnus and his trip from South Carolina and to learn more about coyotes in general, go here.

The Binghamton Zoo is located at 60 Morgan Road in Binghamton and is open from 10 - 4 every day and the zoo closes at 5.

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