Whenever I'm asked if I attended college, I am not sure if my answer will be embarrassing or just a funny story. I attended a two-year college for three years and still didn't graduate. But the outcome was positive.

The school I attended was Corning Community College (SUNY CCC.) Early on, I discovered the campus radio station, and that was the beginning of my transition from wanting to be an architect to being a radio DJ. But, radio was my first passion, and I made a career out of it, so the experience at college was great despite the lack of a  diploma.

My alma mater (can I call it that even though I didn't graduate) always has had several college sports teams, and now I see that it has expanded to something that I had never heard of.

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I learned recently about an eSports team at SUNY Corning. Apparently, this team was formed in 2020 for online gaming as best I can tell. Sounds pretty interesting since I know nothing about or ever heard of eSports since I'm just an old guy. The SUNY Corning team competed earlier this week and won the competition with Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 Siege against Johnston Community College from Smithfield, North Carolina.

"The team consists of 25 players and are divided into game-specific teams or individuals. The Rainbow 6 team consisted of five players pitted against the same number at JCC."

This takes sports to a whole new level, and SUNY Corning Community College has embraced the competition. The college has computers for game playing, but for this first matchup, the team members all played from their home according to the press release, and the team live-streams their competition as well.

via SUNY Corning Community College

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