A little kid in the first grade lost his wallet at a Walmart recently.  But he got it back in the mail, along with a letter from Santa.

A Reddit user found a little boy's wallet while he was shopping at Walmart and instead of just sending it back to the kid in a plain envelope, he stepped things up and sent a package to the boy  with a return address for the North Pole.  Inside the package was the wallet  as well as a special letter that read:

Dear xxx,

Merry Christmas! I can't believe another year has gone by so quickly and it's almost time to visit you in xxx again.

The elves have been very busy this year and I'll be bringing you something very special they created just for you. I'm sure you'll like it!

Well, it looks like the elves need me in the toy factory now, so I have to say goodbye. Be sure to leave a little snack for me and the reindeer on Christmas Eve because we get hungry flying to visit so many kids.

Keep being good!

P.S. -- While I was making sure you and other girls and boys were being good at Walmart, I found your wallet and thought you would like it back.

Santa Claus

The person who wrote the letter also wrote a note to the parents saying, "Santa is real and all around us."  And when they posted on Reddit what they'd done, they also challenged other people to carry out a random act of kindness this year.