We are bombarded by new ways to stay healthy and live longer every single day. It’s a never-ending cycle of second guessing ourselves.

The University of Edinburgh recently said that there are two main factors in living longer. The first is staying in shape, which is pretty much no brainer. They claim that for every two pounds of extra weight, a person knows off two months of their life. That’s insane!

The second key to living longer is to keep learning. It doesn’t necessarily mean piling up more student debt, you can maybe learn a new hobby. The researchers say that every year you do this, you add an extra whole year to your life.

Two easy tips to live longer. Then twenty minutes later you log back onto Facebook, and you are hit in the face with the complete opposite research!

The New York Post claims that guys who work out around seven hours a week are more likely to get clogged arteries by 86% AND are twice as likely to suffer from heart disease. I thought staying in shape was supposed to help you live longer! Make up your mind science and the internet!

I truly believe that making the most of your time here on earth is what is truly important. Yes you can follow the science and suggestions to increase the longevity of your life, but it’s the legacy that you leave that lives forever.

Now, I only play a scientist on the radio and in this blog, but my suggestion for a healthy life is to just have fun. Live every day with a positive outlook and spend time with the people you love. Try something new, eat your favorite food, enjoy an extra episode on Netflix. Make the most of what you’ve got and that will help you live forever.

Maybe lay off the second bag of chips too!

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