When you think of Friendly's, what comes to mind? Two things come to my mind. 1) Going to Friendly's after one of my dad's softball games. I grew up in Warren Center Pa and we live a half hour from ANYWHERE. So when we would take the trip to the big city of Vestal or Binghamton for one of his games, many times we would stop at Friendly's afterwards.

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You would think that my second memory would be their ice cream or Fribbles but it's not, it's their Fishamajig. There was something special about that sandwich that I just love and I still order it today.

As time as gone by in the Southern Tier, all of the Friendly's have disappeared except for one. The Friendly's at 561 Harry L. Drive in Johnson City...until now...maybe. The last remaining Friendly's in our area could be going away to make room for...a car wash. There is nothing official yet but check this out. 

Johnson City Planning Board Meeting Agenda

JC Planning Board
JC Planning Board

This is to schedule a public hearing by the JC Planning Board for a later date. So potentially this means that the last standing Friendly's in our area could become the Splash Car Wash.

I've seen some comments where people are upset that Friendly's is being replaced by "another car wash." My question is "When was the last time that you stopped at that Friendly's location?" I'm guilty so I have no room to speak but I plan on going there today and I hope to see you there too.

So time could be running out for you to get your Fishamajig, Fribble and Happy Ending Sundaes at Friendly's in the Southern Tier. So what do you think of this latest development?

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