Olympic bronze medalist Kyle Dake wins his third World Wrestling title! When I read this, it didn't mean a lot to me but it should have. Who is Kyle Dake? He's a local guy making it on the big stage and we ought to take notice.

Who Is Kyle Dake?

Dake is a freestyle wrestler from Ithaca and went to Lansing High School. He didn't go far and went to Cornell University and became a four-time NCAA champion. He was the first wrestler to win NCAA titles in four different weight classes (141, 149, 157, and 165 lbs).

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He was a part of the US Wrestling team at the Olympic Games in Tokyo and took the bronze medal. Two months later, Dake was on to the world championship, and on Sunday, October 3rd, he won his third world title.

A takedown into a gut wrench and a step out made it 7-3 and the world title was his for the third time. Team USA had a good day as Olympic champion David Taylor and Youth Olympic medalist Daton Fix earned silver medals.

To see the life and many many accomplishments of this Olympic and world wrestling champion, go here.

And remember, next time you think of complaining about the Southern Tier and upstate New York, remember: there are plenty of fine people who have made their mark on the world from our area!

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