Another fun event for this weekend as summer approaches, Kopernik presents their Friday Night livestream titled, Skylab-Living on the Edge of Space

Even as the pandemic recedes, the Friday Night Livestreams from the Kopernik Observatory and Science Center remain a popular attraction for all ages.

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This Friday Night June 11th join Phil Cooper for a trip back into the very beginning of setting up shop in space.

Skylab-Living on the Edge of Space  Explores the worlds first orbiting space station called Skylab, that was actually created from space parts from the 1960’s Apollo missions.

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The presentation explores the astronauts and people who built and repaired the first space craft designed for living and working in space.

Personal diaries from those involved will explain the triumphs and controversy of a project that almost didn’t happen and the eventually destruction of the vessel that fell from the sky.

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If you’re a sky watcher, history buff or just curious about this part of our space history, you’re invited to learn about the first space strike mutiny and the fiery plunge back into Earth that didn’t have to happen.

This Friday Night June 11th at 8pm join Phil Cooper for Kopernik’s Friday Night livestream, Skylab-Living on the Edge of Space.



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