On March 30, 1981, 26-year-old John Warnock Hinckley Jr. attempted to assassinate then President of the United States of America, Ronald Reagan in an effort to impress actress Jodie Foster. Foster was obviously not impressed.

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From 1974 to 1980, Hinckley was an off-and-on again student at Texas Tech University before deciding to just drop out. During one of the times he was "off" from Texas Tech, Hinckley traveled to Los Angeles where he dreamed of pursuing a career as a songwriter.

Despite his dream, Hinckley couldn't cut it in the world of songwriting. He wrote to his parents, telling them how is dreams had been dashed and also telling them all about his girlfriend who was, as it would turn out, a completely fictional person.

Hinckley displayed emotional problems and was even prescribed anti-depressants and tranquillizers but they didn't seem to do much help. Hinckley soon found himself obsessing over the movie Taxi Driver which came out in 1976 and told the story of a man who plotted to assassinate a presidential candidate. In the movie, Jodie Foster portrayed a child who had been sexually trafficked and it was then that Hinckley's obsession with her began.

Hinckley tried to get the attention of Jodie Foster on several occasions, but with no such luck so he decided that he would have to do something grand for her to notice him and this is when he decided the way to do that would be to take out the President of the United States of America.

Luckily, Hinckley's plan failed. He was found to be not guilty by reason of insanity and was transferred into psychiatric care in August of 1981.

In 2016, Hinckley was released from St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Washington, D.C. into the care of his mother and in September of 2021, a federal judge ruled that Hinckley would be granted unconditional release starting in June of 2022. This is how we've arrived at the latest news about Hinckley and his sold out show.

John Hinckley Jr. the failed presidential assassination has decided to try his hand at music again and has a show booked at the Market Hotel in Brooklyn  for July 8, 2022. The venue holds 450 seats and Hinckley offered tickets to his show for $20 each and sold every single ticket. Every single of the 450 seats will be occupied by individuals hoping to catch a glimpse of the man who was once at the center of one of the most bizarre assassin attempts in history.

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