Most parents say they just want a baby that's healthy and happy, but Jimmie Allen says he just wants a child who is nothing like he was growing up. With wife Alexis expecting their second child together, he's getting another chance to avoid things like this:

"One day I found him throwing quarters at the neighbor's window," Allen tells Taste of Country Nightsdetailing a story about his firstborn, son Aadyn, from a previous relationship. "He said, 'Daddy, the neighbor came out and cursed at us ... we found some quarters in the garage and we went over and started throwing —'"

"'Well I would have came and yelled at you, too!'" he recalls saying.

Then, there was that time ...

"One day they were in the front yard, running around peeing. And I'm like, 'What are you doing?' They're like, 'We're trying to spell our name in the grass,'" he says, with a look any parent would recognize.

Allen, who is set to drop the gold edition of Bettie James on June 25, says his daughter, Naomi, is full of, umm ... personality. Her new thing is to pout, which she knows gets what she wants out of Mom. Dad, however, has done this before, so he knows to wait it out. Naomi isn't quite 16 months old.

Growing up, Allen recalls doing similar antics with his friends. There was the time he and a friend buried his friend's father's tools in the yard. Then there was the time they tried to run a lawnmower through a river.

"Me and another one of my friends took a beehive, put it in a plastic bag and opened it in their house," he recalls.

Allen's third child is due this fall. He and Alexis shared the happy news in June, just weeks after they got married. They didn't wait to find out if they're having a boy or girl, and they aren't going to announce it with any pageantry.

Bettie James Gold Edition Track List
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Allen tells ToC Nights the baby in his wife's belly is a second baby girl, but her name is somewhat TBD.

"I'm a huge Game of Thrones fan, so I wanted to name her Arya Stark Allen, but Lexi's not letting that happen," Allen says. However, she isn't against just "Arya" as a first name, so there's hope for the "Freedom Is a Highway" singer. Although, to be honest, he might want a daughter with a bit less drama than the fictional character.

"Freedom Is a Highway" with Brad Paisley was named Taste of Country's No. 1 song of the summer. The gold edition of Bettie James includes nine new songs, featuring LoCashLancoBreland and Lindsay Ell, plus Monica, Vikina and Pitbull from outside of the genre

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