The Hudson Valley Region of New York is the perfect place to go if you're a hiker or if you love the outdoors. There are so many beautiful parks and amazing trails that each has its own unique sights and adventures to offer.

One of the most unique places to visit in the Hudson Valley is tucked away on a trail in the Catskills.

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You typically don't see an abandoned hotel or house while hiking unless of course, you head over to a very specific place tucked away in the Hudson Valley. It's called the Overlook Mountain House and it was once a stunning getaway in the Catskills. According to Hudson Valley Ruins, the Overlook Mountain House had a troubled history. The lodge was a premier vacation spot around 100 years ago but the combination of financial hardship along with the difficulty of getting guests to the high mountain top forced the place to close in 1942. A fire reportedly left just the bones of the building.

The Overlook Mountain trail that leads to the ruins is located in Woodstock, New York.

A YouTuber posted this amazing hike online.

An abandoned hotel is a strange thing to find while hiking but it doesn't make number one on the list even though we'll have to add it soon. Topping the list of bizarre things found on a hike was a downed and wrecked airplane.

Here is a list of 11 of the weirdest things found while hiking in the Hudson Valley.

From weird deer-wolf creatures, and swamp monsters to plane wreckage here are 11 of the strangest things that people have taken pictures of while hiking on a trail here in the Hudson Valley region of New York.

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