For the first time ever, turkey hunters on Long Island will get a chance to hunt during the spring thanks to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

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According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation press release, 30 years worth of efforts to reintroduce wild turkey to Long Island is responsible for the first ever spring season for hunters.

Long Island Turkey Hunting Season
Claude Laprise/Unsplash


In 2009, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation opened up a fall-only wild turkey hunting season, and the turkey population continued to grow. That population growth opens up the opportunity for another season of turkey hunting on Long Island.

DEC Regional Director Cathy Haas stated "DEC is excited to give Long Island hunters an additional local turkey hunting opportunity. Not only does this new season give more opportunities to local hunters, it also serves as an example of how locally extirpated populations can be successfully reintroduced and flourish. Both the fall and new spring seasons are possible thanks to the diligent work of DEC's regional wildlife staff, as well as the cooperative efforts of local hunters and volunteers who took the time to share their turkey sightings, allowing our staff to assess population health and growth."

Long Island Turkey Hunting Season
Matthew Maaskant/Unsplash

The spring turkey hunting season on Long Island will run the month of May from half an hour before sunrise to noon daily. Hunters are allowed no more than one bearded turkey per day and no more than one bearded turkey in wildlife management unit. Hunters can use shotguns and bows anywhere or handguns if they are not hunting on State lands. Hunters may not use crossbows or rifles.

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