A couple of years ago, I wrote an article about the subject of whether or not it is legal to bury your pet in your backyard/property.

The short answer was that most states allow it, and that includes New York State, but with certain rules and restrictions. Your local municipality may have specific laws as to whether you can or cannot bury a pet on your property, and in general, according to Pet Farewell, it is illegal to bury a pet on public lands and parks.

But how about a human being buried with their pet? Well, pets have become a part of the family now more than ever, and according to the Elder Law Answers website, "the answer depends on what state you are in and on the meaning of “with.”

It's not uncommon for a funeral director to be asked that an urn with a cremated pet be placed in the casket of their owner when they have passed away, regardless if it's legal or not.

Photo by Chewy on Unsplash

Several states do allow a human to be buried with their pet, but there may be certain laws, restrictions, and regulations to abide by. For example, in the State of New Jersey,  human remains can be buried with a pet, but only in a pet cemetery.

The Elder Law Answers website notes that in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, cemeteries are allowed to have three sections – one for humans, one for pets, and an area for both.

As far as New York State is concerned, in 2016, then-Governor Andrew M. Cuomo signed legislation in its favor. The law allows the cremated remains of pets to be buried with their owners, although religious cemeteries are exempt and other cemeteries may opt out."

Check with your local municipality, attorney, funeral home, or cemetery for any rules and restrictions, should you wish to be buried with your pet.

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