I would love to boast that I'm a college-educated person. But the truth is, while I attend college for three years at a two-year college, I never quite finished getting my degree. Radio got in the way, and I have no regrets. Although my father was less than pleased.

But for others, that path probably won't work if your chosen professional field requires that college degree. If I were to do it again, I would have studied harder and obtained that degree.

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Hardest colleges to get into in The United States

What college would I apply to attend? Well, some are much tougher than others to be accepted. CBS News recently published an article on the hardest colleges to get into in the United States according to a ranking and review website called 'Niche.' The rankings are listed for hundreds of colleges and universities across the country.

Niche lists several factors that went into identifying what makes a college or university harder to get into versus others, including, but not limited to, standardized test scores and acceptance rates.

How do our local colleges or universities fair in terms of hard to get into?

Well, Binghamton University ranks at #120, with a Niche Overall Grade of A-, Academics- A-,  Acceptance Rate of 41 percent with an SAT range of 1290 to 1450. BU ranks quite high in terms of the number of colleges and universities ranked in the Niche study.


Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News
Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News

Cornell University in Ithaca is very high on the list, coming in at #20 with an 11 percent acceptance rate and an A+ for both Overall Grade and Acceptance, with an SAT range of 1400 to 1540, according to Niche.

Sean Holbert/Canva
Sean Holbert/Canva


What are the top five hardest colleges and universities to get into?

According to Niche? #5 - Yale, #4 - California Institute of Technology, #3 - Princeton, #2 - Stanford, and coming in at #1, you guessed it - Harvard.

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