Okay, so how's your memory? Can you remember your high school years? Well, maybe some of you haven't been out of school very long. I can not say the same.

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Recently, I was having a conversation with some friends, reminiscing about our high school days. None of them went to the school I attended, so it was interesting to hear about their high school experiences.

One specific subject came up. And that subject was about school trips. We talked about senior trips, club trips, band trips, well you get the idea. Do school have senior trips anymore?

Washington D.C. and New York City trips seemed to be a popular destination. Unfortunately, the school I attended, had ceased overnight senior trips. Probably because with a senior class of around 350 students, it was just too much of an undertaking.

I do remember taking short trips to amusement parks including Eldridge Park in Elmira, and Harris Hill between Big Flats and Elmira. And, I vaguely remember when I was in elementary school, taking a train ride from the Corning area to a shoe factory. Could it have been an E-J factory in Johnson City? It must have been, but I don't remember for sure.

After the conversation with my friends, I thought it might be interesting to post on social media, the question - Here's an interesting question: What's the best school trip you ever went on?

As usual, I received a lot of answers. Some were more a band trip or a school club trip along with senior trips as well.  One person commented they went to Mexico City where the Thomas Jefferson High School band competed in an international competition.

I was surprised at the number of trips taken out of the country. Here are a few of the school school senior, band and club trip and other responses received, and thanks for your answers!

  • Margaret B. - From LI to Anaheim CA including a night at Disneyland. It was for the DECA Club Nationals Convention. It was for five days and so much fun!
  • Karmine C. - Middle school, NYC in '94. I was on top of the towers. How beautiful of a view that was.
  • Christina D. - Track meet to Oshawa Canada. Stayed with the family of a Canadian student and have been friends since.
  • Johni G. - NYC in 4th grade!! Museum of Natural History and the planetarium lunch at Central Park.
  • Amber R. - Harpursville Jr honor society used to take great trips in the early 90's. We went to Toronto one year and Philadelphia another, really well planned, lots of activities. Other than that, when I was in 1st grade, Downsville school took the kids to the airport and we went on a short commuter flight. That'd be 1985.
  • Alanna J. - Marathon’s senior class went to Florida. We went to Universal, Hollywood Studios, Disney Springs, Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom. It was so much fun and I will have some great memories forever!
  • Ramona S. - Senior trip 1982 to Puerto Vallarta Mexico.
  • Hristo B. - In Bulgaria, my primary school once went to a pet cemetery. We even got to see the crematorium. It made an impression.
  • Robin B. - Mumford NY, "old village " watched re-enactors spin wool, tin smith's make lanterns, candle makers, all the pioneer type living.
  • Michael W. - Hershey Park.
  • Eric C. - A whale watch trip to Cape Cod and a trip to DC. Also a trip to NYC and the top of the WTC. Today's kids get short changed on those experiences.
  • Lorry C. - Bermuda - Sr class trip.
  • Tracie J. - Our French Club took us to Quebec City, Canada. It inspired me to continue exploring languages and foreign lands throughout my life. So many of us remain grateful to Madame Zuccolo for sharing this experience with us.
  • Alex L. - Senior trip to Cedar Point. Riding roller-coasters with your friends. Lots of fun!
  • Cathy O. - Went with a group from JC to Montreal and Quebec in 77 and had a great time!!
  • Danielle B. - Trip to Paris, Monaco, Switzerland Spring 1987!!!!
  • Celena M. - Vienna, Austria with the high school band.
  • Max G. - Went on a 3 day hike in the Adirondacks when I was in high school. Had a bit of excitement when one of our chaperones had to be air-lifted by forest rangers, but it was great otherwise.
  • La C. - Every single trip to NYC to see a Broadway show.
  • Katrena C. - NYC. National Museum of Natural History.

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