When we were young, we all had our dream job. Maybe you wanted to be a teacher, police officer or a firefighter. I'm fortunate enough that I've been able to work at my dream job for almost 40 years.. November will be 40 years in the radio biz.

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It might be safe to say that Chloe Van Caeseele is working her dream job and living her best life. Chloe is a Binghamton University alum and has been traveling across the country in a 27-foot-long hot dog on wheels.

She is part of a group that has been hired to operate the Oscar Mayer's "Frankmobile" (formerly the "Wienermobile").Over 2,000 people apply for the job but only 12 cut the mustard and Chloe is one of them.

She is part of the class of Frankfurters that has been hotdogging to a different city every week. She's been spreading miles of smiles all summer long and has been featured on CBS News. Chloe would love to have more Bearcat Frankfurters hotdogging around the country just like her.

How To Be a Hotdogger With Oscar Mayer

If you have an appetite for adventure, you could be traveling across the country driving their Oscar Mayer Frankmobile. The first step is to submit a resume and cover letter. If you are selected, then the interviews begin with the process going from January to April.

Hal Stewart
Hal Stewart

So if you like hot dogs or have a hot dog costume with a personality to match, you could be like Chloe. Go here to start the process and become a Hotdogger too.

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