What is your dog's name? Do you think it's pretty unique? Well, this list of the top dog names of the year might shock you.

Turns out Americans aren't that creative when it comes to naming their animals, and weirdly enough, it seems more "traditional" pet names are falling out of favor and, therefore, becoming the more unique choices.

The Changing Landscape of Pet Ownership

It's currently estimated that 69 million households in the continental U.S. include a dog, according to the American Pet Products Association. When looking at pet ownership in the Empire State, Pawlicy Advisor estimates roughly 49.7 million households have a furry, feathery, or scaley friend. Over a quarter of all households, about 27 percent, own a dog.

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The number of pet owners is increasing not just in New York, but across the country.  With more and more pet owners in the  U.S. News & World released its annual survey of the most popular names for dogs.

The annual list unearthed some interesting trends among pet owners, with traditional dog names like Lucky and Buddy falling further out of style. Instead, it appears pet owners are more likely to give their dog a human name.

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That shouldn't be too much of a shock since a recent poll from Pet Honesty found one in four pet owners view their furbaby as, well, their baby. In fact, a poll from USA Today found younger generations are choosing pets over parenthood. Nationwide, 67 percent of those between the ages of 18 and 26 said they'd rather have pets than children.

When it comes to dog owners specifically, 40 percent agreed having a four-legged child is better than one with two legs.

That said, that's not stopping these individuals from christening their dog with a human-like name.

New Name Trends

U.S. News & World issued its annual list recently and found that more and more Americans are distancing themselves from traditional dog names like Buster and Spot.

Instead, more residents are choosing to give their pet the same name as their favorite book or movie character.

Bella was the top name of 2023, which those who read the "Twilight" series know that's the name of the doe-eyed main character. In second place was Luna, which is the name of one of the heroines from the popular "Harry Potter" series.

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However, some can argue Luna also shares a name with the Roman goddess of the moon. In fact, several ancient deity names have grown in popularity in the United States. The second-most popular name of this theme was Loki, which is the trickster god from Norse mythology - and also a very popular character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Speaking of the MCU, Thor, the Norse god of thunder, also appeared on this list in 76th place. Zeus also made the list in 40th place.

It also seems, aside from naming their pets after humans, dog owners are also embracing naming their canines after food. Which, surprisingly, is also a growing trend in human names with more babies being named Sage, Olive, Kale and Fig.

When it comes to babies of the four-legged kind, pet owners are flocking to the names Pepper, Honey, Cookie and Peanut. However, the most popular food-related name was Oreo, in 44th place.

It should also be noted that an adorable coincidence happened on this year's list. The names Teddy and Bear were back-to-back on the list, respectively in 16th and 17th place.

Top Names of 2023

According to this recent survey, these dog names dominated this year. Here are the top 10 across the country.

10. Bailey
9. Milo
8. Lucy
7. Buddy
6. Coco
5. Charlie
4. Daisy
3. Max
2. Luna
1. Bella

When looking at what New York decided to name its puppies this year, the results were shockingly... the same.

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It appears the Empire State is not a trend-setter and is more of a follower when it comes to choosing appropriate monikers for their canines. It's a little disappointing.

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash
Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Here's the top 5 names New Yorkers chose in 2023:

5. Milo
4. Coco
3. Max
2. Luna
1. Bella

Did you name your dog any of the following? If you haven't, please share the creative name you gave your canine in the comments below!

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