Watch out! Creepy crawlies are set to descend upon unsuspecting households across New York this winter.

Zachary Smith, of New York-based Smith's Pest Management, is sounding the alarm about a brewing "pest-pocalypse." He says the warm weather has been a big boon for bugs and rodents - and they'll soon come for your home.

Photo by Svetozar Cenisev on Unsplash
Photo by Svetozar Cenisev on Unsplash

He warned, "Transitioning from Summer to Fall, we're anticipating a significant rise in pest occurrences."

Bugs, rodents and chaos, oh my!

So why are we about to face off against more pests than usual this fall? Smith says the heat provides numerous benefits to creatures like mice and ants.

Heat leads to accelerated growth and reproduction in pests. Think of it like the ultimate aphrodisiac. Not only that, the warm weather is also prolonging their active periods, which is giving them even more time to multiply.

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Even more, critters that typically migrate when the weather cools down are sticking around and continuing to breed. That is also contributing to their ability to expand their habitat and annoy people who didn't have to deal with them previously.

Because their breeding season was extended due to the summer heat, Smith warned this could mean that some pests can become resistant to commonly used pesticides or control methods. He said with more generations created in a single year, their numbers may become even harder to control.

Close-Up Of Mosquitoes
Photo by Tom Ervin/Getty Images

With all this in mind, Smith warned homeowners to understand that this is increasing the odds of an infestation. While the creepy crawlies are currently out in the wild due to the mild temperatures, they will inevitably try to seek shelter during the cold weather.

Heat is bad for predators

While warm weather is great for pests, it's bad for the creatures that eat them for food. Predators face additional stress in warmer temperatures.

Smith says the heat not only stresses predators, it also can cut into their numbers. With less predators, that means more prey.

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On the topic of the food chain, Smith also noted that hot weather also increases food sources for pests. Plant growth is boosted by the heat, which in turn provides ample sustenance and shelter.

Stop pests in their tracks

While no one likes the idea of having to deal with more mice and icky bugs in their home this winter, there are some ways to keep these critters at bay.

Said Smith:

Nature has its ways of adapting to changing climates, and pests are no exception. It's not just about the inconvenience they cause; it's about being proactive for the safety and well-being of our homes and loved ones.

Personally, my best form of pest control has been my cat, Phoebe. Mice, spiders, ants, stinkbugs and more tremble in her wake. She catches everything and always lands the killing blow before enjoying a free meal.

Thankfully, she doesn't like to show off her exploits to me while they are still alive. I appreciate her sensitivity to my ick-factor.

But not everyone has a cat at their disposal.


It's recommended that homeowners check their door seals to ensure nothing can wiggle into the home through the cracks. Speaking of cracks, pest control experts say it's best to fill them before the weather turns.

Utility openings should also be sealed and leaky pipes should be fixed, unless you want them to become a water source for unwanted house guests.

It's also advised to store food in airtight containers, so little critters can't help themselves to your pastas, breads and other tasty treats.

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On the topic of food, pests love crumbs - so be sure to clean up after yourself and deprive those creepy crawlies of extra nourishment.

Also, most obviously, you can call an exterminator to give these pests the heave-ho.

While it's impossible to completely bug and pest-proof your home, these steps are crucial in keeping numbers low.

Best of luck!

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