Kenny Chesney has offered another preview of his forthcoming album with “Thinkin’ Bout.”

Tucker Beathard and Kyle Fishman penned the moody post-breakup song, which finds Chesney ruminating on a past relationship and the unshakeable grip it’s got on his weary heart.

“This bed I'm makin' and layin' in is gettin' cold / I let you in it, we heat it up then you leave it cold / I know we said that there wouldn't be any strings attached / If that's the truth, tell me why do we keep on comin' back?” Chesney reflects in the opening verse.

“Thinkin' 'bout not thinkin' 'bout you / Tryin' to make last night the last time / Instead of doin' what we always do / Oh, it ain't good we can't say ‘goodbye’ / Easy come, easy go ain't how it goes down / Keeps me doin' what I'm doin' right now / Thinkin' 'bout not thinkin' 'bout you / Thinkin' 'bout not thinkin' 'bout you,” he continues in the chorus, grappling with his inability to move on.

Of his latest release, Chesney shares on Instagram, “I love this song because it gets into that space where you’re thinking about knowing you shouldn’t think about that person, and that’s when maybe the letting go can really start to happen. For anyone struggling with moving on, ‘Thinkin’ Bout’ is for you.”

“Thinkin’ Bout” is off Chesney’s forthcoming new album, Born, arriving March 29. Of the LP, Chesney shares, “I’m just trying to find songs that continue the story of who we we live, breathe, work, rock, kick back and sometimes get tangled up in feelings that are anything but simple. Then you see people react the way they have to the news, and you go, ‘Well, okay...’”

Along with “Thinkin’ Bout,” Chesney has previewed Born with “Just to Say We Did” and his current single, “Take Her Home.”

Born is available for pre-order now.

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