Country music artists have experienced some hard falls while on stage — it just comes with the territory.

If you've ever been to a concert, you've seen all of the obstacles that are just waiting to trip someone up. On stage monitors, lights, musical equipment, wires and cords everywhere. Not to mention all of the fun stuff that is added in to make the show colorful, vibrant and visually appealing.

After all, what's a show without some alluring set design?

Even after all of the rehearsals and walk throughs and tape that is put down to create boundaries, accidents still happen. And — thanks to technology putting phones in everyone's hands — it's almost always caught on camera.

Taylor Swift Slips While on Stage

Taylor Swift is known for her elaborate set designs with plenty of moving parts. On her Eras Tour, she utilizes entire structures on stage to transport the audience into new worlds.

In the video above, she slips while descending from the roof of a makeshift cabin during the Folklore portion of the show. Between the dress, the angle of the roof and the moss-like material she has to walk through, it's a wonder she didn't actually fall.

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Country Artists Who Have Fallen on Stage

Given how many country shows happen each and every year, it's a wonder these kinds of accidents don't happen more often — knock on wood.

In the videos below, it appears no one is immune to stumbling on stage. Even the most seasoned artists have lost their balance. But despite some pretty gnarly falls, country artists always get back on their feet with grace because the show must go on.

Keep scrolling to see 10 country artists who fell while performing on stage.

  • Kane Brown

    Kane Brown appears to have rolled his ankle with this fall. As he steps down from the stage, it looks like his foot falls into a hole and turns his ankle in a cringe-worthy way. He was immediately attended to.

  • Blake Shelton

    Blake Shelton admitted to drinking prior to taking the stage on this particular night, but that didn't prevent him from remembering the most important part of falling -- the tuck and roll. He slowly crumbles into a ball before rolling in to a position in which he could get his footing again.

  • Carrie Underwood

    Carrie Underwood probably won't wear this outfit again after slipping and falling on stage. Her heels get stuck in the cape of her top, which causes her to lose her footing. It didn't look like a terrible fall, but she did sprain her foot as a result. It wasn't nearly as bad as her fall at her Nashville home, which left her with a broken wrist, cuts and stitches.

  • Dierks Bentley

    Blame this one on the flashing lights. Dierks Bentley tripped over some equipment while leading the audience in a chorus of one of his songs. He was able to semi-catch himself before lying on his back and continuing to sing from the floor. He even raises his microphone for the crowd to continue to sing.

  • Chris Lane

    Perhaps stage monitors should be encased in neon. Chris Lane's foot met this piece of equipment with detrimental results during one of his live shows. At the time, he was holding a red Solo cup, which proceeded to spew his drink all over his face as he hit the ground, adding insult to injury. He recovered nicely and was able to poke fun at himself on social media afterward.

  • Tim McGraw

    Tim McGraw falls as only Tim McGraw can -- with grace. The country veteran started to fall off stage, but was able to do it in the most controlled way possible. As he stumbles, he steadies himself -- likely because of his ripped core muscles -- and gently coaxes himself down into some lucky audience members.

  • Morgan Wallen

    Smoke machines should be banned from stages, right? Morgan Wallen found that out the hard way as he stepped into a hole while walking down the catwalk. He pulls himself out, but then loses his footing again before steadying himself. He never misses a beat with his singing and even gives his fans a look that says "Yikes" in between lyrics.

  • Ernest

    Ernest's fall in this video is downright cinematic. As he throws a rose into the audience, he loses his footing and falls right off the stage. He has several moments of almost catching himself, but still hits the ground pretty hard. However -- in true movie fashion -- he jumps to his feet and throws his arms into the air as the crowd cheers loudly.

  • Carly Pearce

    What's better? Carly Pearce's epic fall or the fact that it was caught on video from the perfect angle? The country singer says this was her first fall, and it was a doozy. As she makes her way down to the audience, her boot slips out from under her, and she crashes booty-first onto the stage. She crafted a hilarious video on social media poking fun at herself later on.

  • Luke Bryan

    This has to be said: Luke Bryan falls on stage... a lot. The country star has had some epic ones over the years, but this one is a classic banana peel-esque cartoon tumble that has him parallel to the ground with his left foot jutting into the air. Apparently, he slipped on a phone that ended up on stage. He held it up for the audience to see as he regained his composure to finish the show.

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