I had a chance to meet Garrett Wagner at the Hope Awards for the Rescue Mission banquet. I was the MC and he was the featured speaker and if you ever have a chance to hear his story, it'll bring a tear to your eye. It was all about hope, redemption and how anything is possible. He doesn't talk the talk, he WALKS the WALK.

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So who is Garrett Wagner? Well,  when an event or party would become too big or expensive for their friends or family, Garrett and his wife, Amber would come to the rescue. They started at their home but in March of 2021, he opened the Fat Cowboys Fireside Barbeque in Port Crane.

Fat Cowboys BBQ

In only two years, Fat Cowboys BBQ became the place to go if you were in the mood for Texas cuisine, good music and a great atmosphere. They would travel throughout the country to find the most unique flavors and bring them back to the Southern Tier.

They quickly outgrew their first location and were looking for a new place. God answers prayer and they found what they were looking for...only five miles away from Fat Cowboys BBQ.

Fat Cowboys Hitching Post

Fat Cowboys Hitching Post
Fat Cowboys Hitching Post

In January, Wagner had the chance to buy the former location of The Hitchin Post on Route 7 in Port Crane. The Hitchin' Post had been around for 50 years and he and his wife wanted to keep the spirit of the restaurant's name while adding his own touch to it..

On Friday, March 31st, Fat Cowboys Hitching Post will be open for business with their official grand opening on April 1st...no fooling. They also plan on catering and having events at the new location too.

The food and Garrett's story (if he has the time to tell it) will make your trip worthwhile.

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