It’s time, isn’t it? Time to start looking at colleges and see what might be the best fit?

Whether it’s you or your kid that is gearing up for campus life, there are factors you have to consider when weighing all of your collegiate options.

Does it have the major I want? Is it affordable? Are there scholarships? Any extracurriculars?

When considering what college is the best fit for you, perhaps the most overlooked factor is the location.

Going to college is, for most people, the first big step out of your parents’ house and into young adulthood. And while you may be eager for on campus life, living in the dorms, having a roommate, and a new kind of independence, it does not mean you have to be far away from home, and a lot of people seem to forget that.

Before you submit your deposit for that college on the other side of the country, scan through the options that are travelable distances from Western New York.

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