It was on November 18, 1902 that the Teddy Bear was invented. You've probably heard that the Teddy Bear was named after President Theodore Roosevelt. But do you know why?

President Theodore Roosevelt had gone hunting in Mississippi for a bear, but he never found one. The guide wanted to make the President happy, so he went out and captured a cub for him. Teddy refused to shoot the little bear. Read about the rest of the story here.

A political cartoonist published a cartoon about the incident. New York toy store owner Morris Mitchton got Roosevelt's permission to call his new stuffed animal a "Teddy Bear."

The name stuck and 116 years later, we still have the Teddy Bear. Mitchton by the way went on to start the Ideal Novelty and Toy Company.

The first Christmas present I got when I was less than two months old was a Teddy Bear. He kept me company when I wasn't feeling good and I would toss him in the air and he would do flips for me.

I still have him today and it keeps me company in my bedroom. Although that sounds creepier then I meant it to be. Do you still have your Teddy Bear?

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