Today (3/28) is "National Respect Your Cat Day." We have two cats at our house, a grey cat named Quinn and his black cat brother named Shane. The way I remember their names is BS (black Shane) and GQ (grey Quinn).

They have brought so much joy to everyone especially my daughter, Tara. When she walks into a room, I usually can find them right behind her or on her bed. I think Tara is a cat whisperer.

They seem to understand when she talks to them and that's not easy because cats have a mind of their own and don't seem to listen to anybody. I know they don't listen to me.

They both have short tails and were adopted from the Broome County Humane Society. They love to sit on the window sill and sun themselves. We think they are meow-nificent.

So how much do you love your cat? A new survey suggests that some may love them a LITTLE TOO MUCH!

2/3rds of cat owners say they'd rather spend a quiet night alone with their cat than their significant other. Our cats aren't quiet and they don't leave me alone, so I must be in the minority here.

Here are some ways to love your cat today but if you would like to find out more about adopting cats (and dogs too) from the Broome County Humane Society, then go here.

We think our cats are paw-some and we hope you will too.

[via Broome County Humane Society/National Today]