It's time to honor the one that makes you look good at work. It's time to honor the person that we used to call 'Secretary' but now we call  'Administrative Professional'.

It's "Administrative Professionals Week." It's observed during the last full week in April and I think that it's awesome that we don't just give them just a day but a whole week.

It began in 1952 as "National Secretaries Week" by the National Secretaries Association and now they are known as the International Association of Administrative Professionals. Do you remember when you could say 'Happy Secretaries Day' and it wasn't offensive?

There are over 4 million secretaries/administrative assistants in the United States and let's not forget about the nearly 9 million working in other administrative support roles.

We have a fantastic Administrative Professional named Debbi. She can fix my mistakes with a smile....and a 5 on the side. She's great but there are some that aren't as good at their job.

I remember one AP was getting low on typing paper and was told to use copy paper. She took a blank piece of paper and put it into the copy machine and made several copies. Do they even use typing paper anymore?

Wednesday, April 24th is Administrative Professional Day. Flowers are least that's what Debbi has told me.


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