The weekend rolls around, you start preparing your burger maybe even buffalo chicken dip (my favorite). You get out your favorite teams jersey that may have a little stench from the week before because you haven’t washed it out of superstition. The couch welcomes you back for another three hours of fierce competition on your brand new television.

And then it happens.

Your team loses.

Suddenly the jersey is ripped off, the buffalo chicken dip is cold, and you can’t get comfortable on the couch. This was supposed to be they day your team turned the season around, instead they broke your heart. Literally.

Your favorite team losing actually causes so much stress on you, it actually breaks your heart. The Guardian reports that’s according to researchers if you watch your team play from the comfort of your couch deal with a 75% increase in heart rate during the key and big plays of the game.

That number increases to 110% when you actually attend the game! I would suspect because of the crowd around you and the pure adrenaline you feel.

Your favorite team losing can actually break your heart, even emotionally. I have had my share of heart breaking moments with my Philly sports teams. I even cried when the Eagles lost to the Buccaneers to go to the Super Bowl awhile back.

But don’t worry everyone, ice cream can never disappoint or break your heart.

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