In these uncertain times because of the coronavirus pandemic, there are still two things in life that are certain: Death and Taxes. If you feel like your property is being taxed to death then today (5/26) could be your day.

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According to the City of Binghamton, the fourth Tuesday in May is "Tax Grievance Day" and if you own property in New York, then you are eligible to get a formal review of your assessment.

This may be your first question: What exactly is Tax Grievance Day? Tax Grievance Day is when property owners can challenge tentative assessment rolls and plead their case about their property.

If you believe that you are paying too much in property taxes because your property was assessed too high, it's your chance to get it reassessed. Rolls are not available to be checked in person because of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, you can find your town's Tentative Assessment Roll information online here. Governor Cuomo has allowed the roll posting to be delayed. So if you have a grievance, you may end up having time but not all counties are delaying Tax Grievance Day. Go here to find out what's happening in your area.

If you're like me, you're asking yourself this question. What can I do next? New York's Department of Taxation and Finance is one place that you can go to? You can get advice on contesting an assessment or you can even place a grievance. Go here to find out more.

Happy Tax Grievance Day! Who would have ever thought that "happy" and "tax" could go together?

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