They say that  two things are certain in life: Death and Taxes. If you feel like your property has been taxed to death then today is your day. The fourth Tuesday in May in most of New York is Tax Grievance Day.

It's the time of year when property owners can challenge tentative assessment rolls. It's also your chance to plead your case about your property. I hear this story all the time. They are paying too much in property taxes and they think it's because the value of their property has been assessed too high. Now is your chance to get reassessed.

Tom Golisano is challenging his tax assessment, saying that hundreds of Canada Geese have decreased the value of his lakefront home. In fact, he's withheld his taxes on his home because town officials haven't helped him with his geese problem.

Have you run into the same kind of problem? Golisano may be able to help you out too.  He's started a website called, "Tax My Property Fairly" to help people fight for fair assessments.

New York's Department of Taxation and Finance also provides advice on contesting an assessment, go here to find out more. Happy Tax Grievance Day...who would have thought that "happy" and "tax" would go together.

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