Orkin just released its yearly Top 50 Bed Bug Cities List. This list is comprised of treatment data from this past year. Cities are ranked by the number of commercial and residential treatments Orkin perform.

Syracuse, NY was ranked 33rd amongst the Top 50 while Albany-Schenectady-Troy, NY was ranked at #50. Luckily, no city in Broome County made the Top 50 list, but that doesn’t mean bed bugs aren’t around.

According to Orkin the cases of bed bugs is still on the rise in United States. Bed bugs can travel very easily through pets, clothing, and luggage, and reproduce extremely fast.

Orkin suggests your follow the following steps when traveling in order to prevent the travel and reproduction of bed bugs potentially in your home:

Survey your hotel room for be bugs. Orkin says keep and out for small markings that look like ink stains.

Lift and look under everything in your hotel room. Look closely at sheets, mattresses, box springs, and couch cushions.

Elevate your luggage while travelling. It suggested to keep the luggage in your bathroom or counter space.

Examine luggage as you pack your clothes to return home and immediately upon arrival to your home.

Place all your dryer safe clothing in your dryer for at least 15 minutes when returning home from a trip.

The full list of Top 50 Places for Bed Bugs can be found here.

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