Shouldn't we get a pass in an emergency situation?

You're driving home and suddenly it hits you. You've got to go and there's no bathroom in sight. I'm not sure about the science behind it but for some reason it always gets worse the closer you are to home. We've all been there, right?

According to Metro, a man who was pulled over for going 100 mph. He told the police officer it was because he had to go number 2. I know what this guy was going through. The officer didn't show much leniency and even disqualified his license.

I truly believe we need some sort of allowance. I know that 100 mph is too excessive but is there a speed grace limit? If so then what is it? 5 mph? 10 mph?

I know there are a few times that I could have been caught. It would not be a great experience to get pulled over a few miles from home when you've got to go.

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