I’m not really sure why people get so up in arms when someone posts a photo of their tasty food on social media. I mean, is the photo causing anyone to die or get physically ill with a contagious rash? No? Then why is it such a big deal?

My thought on people posting food photos on social media pretty much mirrors my thought on life. If you don’t like it, don’t look. If it’s not hurting you, there’s no need to make a scene. Keep on scrolling, much as you scroll past people you don’t like in real life.

Plus, I may have posted to Instagram a photo or two (or a hundred) of something delicious that I either made or was about to consume over the years. But I have a new photo obsession- my kid. Oh, and you know how all the studies say people hate kid photos? Let me give you an example of how ridiculous the research is.

I posted this photo of a dog sitting behind the wheel in a car in downtown Binghamton and it got 12 likes, which I definitely was surprised by because I thought it would get a lot more.

Traci Taylor

And then I posted this photo of my son wearing a tiny leprechaun hat and it got over 300 likes.

Traci Taylor

See what I mean? People say they hate baby photos on social media, but I'm pretty sure they're lying.

But anyway, go ahead and take photos of your food and share them and then sit back while the haters hate and your taste buds are satisfied. According to CBC News, a team of researchers at St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia and at the University of San Diego have discovered that if you snap a photo of your food before you take a bite, it’ll taste better.

Apparently, taking the time to snap a photo and then to share it in Instagram actually tricks you into a delayed gratification which means once you eat your food, you’ll enjoy it even more.

But, as is with most everything in life- there’s a catch.

The researchers say that this delayed gratification trick only works with food that isn’t very good for you. Like pizza and fries. If you Instagram your full of fat and oozing with cheese food, it’ll taste even more delectable but if you Instagram your wilted kale salad with no dressing, it’s still pretty much going to taste like you’re eating grass.

Speaking of Instagram, are you following the Hawk? Our photos are completely random and while we don't have any food photos yet, we do have beer photos. Hmmm, do you think the delayed gratification theory applies to beer as well?

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