You had an amazing time over the long Fourth of July weekend but now you’re wondering how risky your activities were. I get it. My family took three days and headed to Hampton Beach and although we distanced ourselves from others, packed a big cooler of food to avoid having to go out, and sprayed disinfectant on everything in our motel room, there’s still a little something nagging in the back of my mind.

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If you’re wondering whether or not the things you’ve done in the past few days have potentially put you at risk of getting the coronavirus, a group of infectious disease experts took the guesswork out of everything, ranking a variety of activities based on risk factor with what they call the “COVID-19 Risk Index.”

The experts factored in the following when considering what level risk each activity carried:
1. Whether or not the activity is in an enclosed space.
2. How much interaction there is with others.
3. Whether or not there were crowds.
4. If there is "forceful exhalation," which means singing or yelling.

On the list of low-risk activities are staying home, walking, running, or biking, having a socially distanced picnic, getting takeout, or getting groceries.

On the list of low to medium activities are grocery shopping (yes, it made two lists), retail shopping, and playing sports outside, like tennis or golf.

On this list of medium risk activities are dining at outside restaurants, going to museums, riding in a taxi or Uber, going to a doctor or dentist appointment, and visiting an Emergency Room.

On the list of medium to high-risk activities are working out at a gym, working in an office, eating inside a restaurant or sipping coffee inside a coffee shop, and getting your hair or nails done.

On the list of high-risk activities are attending indoor parties, playing contact sports, going to bars and nightclubs, taking public transportation, flying, going to a concert or church service, watching a movie in a theater, and attending a live sporting event.

I can't even tell you how thankful I am to NOT see staying in a motel or social distancing at the beach on any of those lists.

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