Pi Day is March 14th every year. it is a day to celebrate that forever useful number 3.14 etc. etc. In honor of this math holiday, I wanted to put a different spin on it. Here are my Top 10 Pies of all time!

  1. Pecan Pie-Complain all you want, this pie is my top pick this year. Whether you say Peh-Con or Pee-Can, you can’t spell delicious without Pecan. The perfect combination of sweet and savory, that undeniable crunch, and the ooey-gooey-ness of the molasses, this baby has got it all. The crust is always done perfectly, crunchy around the rim and soft and chewy on the bottom.
Homemade Delicious Pecan Pie
  1. Apple Pie-A shoe-in for a top 3 pie. Very flexible pastry: traditional, German apple, Jewish apple. When the crumbs get thrown on top, consider the game won. Hard to argue this pie will ever drop out of the top 3.
Mark Stout


  1. Chicken Pot Pie-Weren’t expecting this were you? A top 3 comfort food puts this bad boy right in with the big dawgs on the pie rankings. I mean its gravy and chicken with some veggies….it rocks. In a strange way it could be healthy for you.
Close-up of a pie in a young woman's hands
  1. Banana Cream Pie-I will take criticism here but BCP is one of my favorites. Bananas prevent cramping and the cream makes your bones stronger. You need to go to Sonic and try the BCP milkshake. This may be the most versatile pie on the list.



  1. Key Lime Pie-A sleeper pie. When it comes to citrus based pies, this is the king. The balance of sweetness and bitter make this a killer, could be a top pie in the future. Smells great and has some amazing color. Afterall, we eat with our eyes first.


  1. Pumpkin Pie-I’m a traditionalist and Pumpkin needed to make the list. People love it, but it is consistently overrated. Absolutely needs to be iced cold with whipped cream. When it is good it is decent, but when it is made wrong its hard to swallow.


  1. Cherry Pie-Warrant wrote a song about this pie, part of why it is in the top ten. Is pretty looking but can be sour. I would say this pie mixes well with ice cream, that could propel it to the top 5 next year.
Piece of fresh strawberry and rhubarb pie on a plate
  1. Coconut Cream Pie-Much like two citrus pies on the list, we’ll have two cream-based pies as well. The Patriots lost the Super Bowl (Go Birds), so Boston Cream Pie won’t make the list. So, coconut it is. Shoutout Almond Joys too. Consistently disrespected and underappreciated candy bar.



  1. Lemon Meringue Pie-Of the two citrus fruit pies that will be ranked, I will rank this one lower. Easy to mess up the Meringue topping, and it’s a make or break ingredient. I love a nice lemon flavor, but I have another citrus fruit that will knock your socks off later.


  1. Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie- We are starting the official rankings out hot! This pie is almost like ice cream, nice and silky smooth. Really kicks these rankings off. Needs to be enjoyed ice cold, with a large glass of milk.


chocolate cream pie isolated on white
  1. Whoopie Pie- Whoopie is here out of homage to amazing dessert. It doesn’t fit the traditional pie equation, but the Amish have this dessert down to a science. If you ever get to go to Lancaster grab these amazing desserts.


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