If you're a numbers person then tonight is your night with the Binghamton Devils when the Syracuse Crunch come to the Floyd L. Maines Veterans Memorial Arena.

It's Pi Night with the Devils in honor of March 14th, so here's your Pi numbers 3.141592653. Although I prefer the Pie you can eat especially Whoppie and Moon.

There are only seven home games remaining and we all know how lucky that number is. But what is your luckiest number? That answer coming up.

Another lucky number tonight is 4. As in four tickets, four pucks, four popcorns, four Burger King cheeseburgers and four $10 coupons to Dick's Sporting Goods for only.....you guessed it $44.

So what is the luckiest number tonight? It is 166. Why? Because that's how much money you'll save by taking advantage of this deal, get it here while it lasts.

Come watch Syracuse (Crunch) lose then head home to watch Syracuse (Orange) win. Face-off is at 7:05 and I'll be doing Chuck-a-Puck between the 2nd and 3rd period.


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