You may have thought it already, but you have had a LOT of interaction with your pet at home right now. You've been cuddling extra, going on so many walks and they've been getting so many good-boy treats.

But, as New York begins to look at reopening, are you prepared to leave your dog or cat, who you have been giving so much attention to behind? We had Dr. Nicole Ratajczyk from Tri Town Veterinary Hospital on Transit Road at Bullis (right by the 400) join us this morning on Clay and Company. Not only is she giving us the heads up that the time to start preparing is NOW, but here are some tips and pointers that can help in case you are returning to work all day after being home with your four-legged friend all day for two months.

Doctor Nicole says that you should start preparing before you leave.

  • You need to start distancing from your dog or pet in incremental amounts.
  • Start by ignoring your dog 30 minutes before you leave.
  • Give them a treat to make the transition easier.
  • Leave your dog behind on walks sometimes.

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