Beware! Holiday Gift Cards Top For Scammers
Gift cards have become the biggest seller for the holidays. I know I love to give gift cards because they are convenient and it gives the recipient the option to buy what they want. Beware though because scammers are targeting gift cards this holiday season.
How did your parents did to save a few bucks?
I can remember my parents saving cash any way they could. I remember them putting our garbage in shopping bags and throwing them out at several gas stations making it look like we "just cleaned out the car" or my grandmother asking for her "Senior Citizens Discount&quo…
5 Helpful Tips to Help You Achieve Success
For most of us, we are always trying to better ourselves in all different ways, such as in how much we can bench press, how kind we are to strangers, that stubborn little number on the scale, or how often we meet the goals we set for ourselves.
5 Spring Break Tips
With all of the Spring "faking" we did yesterday, it occurred to me that some people actually go on real Spring Breaks! We've showed you all how to fake it, but now I've got some tips for all of you really going on Spring Break this year!
A Quick Guide for Holiday Tipping
I have to admit that I'm terrible when it comes to knowing how much to tip. I have an app on my phone that calculates how much I should give, but what my app doesn't tell me is how much I should tip people like my hairdresser during the holidays. If you're not sure either, here's…