It honestly could have gone so much worse but it didn't. Of course I'm talking about running a 5k with minimal training, but a goal of finishing.

The Binghamton Bridge Run is a big deal around these parts and I knew I had to challenge myself. I haven't run in years, and could pinpoint the last time I actually put foot to pavement.

Multiple injuries from high school and college sports actually made me terrified to try and run, but I knew I needed to challenge myself just one more time.

We accepted a weight loss challenge around the office, and this 5k was the perfect way to kick start some weight loss.

The weeks leading up to the run included a ton of bike riding and lots of time spent with the rowing machine. I was still extremely apprehensive to run because of my knee!

Sunday morning I lay in my bed staring at the ceiling. One half of my brain telling me to completely bail on the race, the other saying I needed to challenge myself one more.

I laid in my comforters like a human burrito, creating a playlist that would motivate me to complete the run. I slowly rolled out of bed and threw on some clothes that would prevent me from sweating myself to death. I strapped on my knee brace and made my way to NYSEG Stadium.

As I sat and stretched at the starting line I kept repeating to myself "What are you doing?" But the apprehension, worry, and anxiety all vanished as I hit the ground running. I was in my own little world with my music blaring trying to complete something I never dreamed of doing.

As I rounded the last corner of the race and finally saw the finish line my stomach cramps and muscle spasms subsided. The hundreds of people at the finish line gave me that little extra push to finish the race.

My goal for completing the 5k was making it to the finish in under 45 minutes. I can proudly say I finished with a time of 43:33.

Yes, I walked some of the race. Yes, I had to stop and stretch. Yes, I almost just ran back to my apartment halfway through. But I didn't.

Sometimes its not about how long it takes you, its whether or not you reach your goals.

I am extremely sore, but it is a satisfying pain.

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