I may have been a little braggy and maybe a little over confident last week. I wrote a blog about the Eagles winning and making the beginning of the week easier. Well the inevitable happened, my beloved Eagles lost.


It was a great Sunday! We had our Townsquare Media Binghamgton office party and enjoyed some great food. The best way to start the day before a late night Eagles game.


Then around 8:33pm the Eagles began their first drive against the Seattle Seahawks. I knew the loss was coming right on that first drive. I had become the jinx.


I still love Carson Wentz, I still love our coach, I still love our tenacious defense. It’s just that a week after being a tiny bit braggy about my Eagles, I became the bad luck charm!


It’s easy to blame the referees, but I won’t. The Eagles needed a tough game and they hung around a little bit, but in the end lost. It’s making my Monday that much harder!


Feel free to send Traci and I flowers and gifts as we try to be happy again this week after the Eagles loss!



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