I don’t hate the snow.

I just hate the aftermath.

Snow is relaxing and peaceful. It puts a calming sensation over me when its falling. I revert back to the days of wearing my pajamas inside out praying for a snow day. When the radio would announce or school, a burst of excitement would come over me. I would immediately start calling friends and making plans. What hill would we hit to sled? Whose house would we play video games a?

Then college rolled around and it seemed like every day we would hope for a snow day. My college would text us and that same burst of excitement from my younger years would come over me. I would immediately call my friends, but this time the questions changed….where should we have some beers at tonight.

The innocence of celebrating the freshly fallen snow was taken away the day I got my diploma. The chill of the frozen snow was replaced with the artic blast of the real world.

Snow days don’t exist when you are paying bills and rent.

The white fluffy stuff now throws me into a tantrum. Traffic, wet pants, and the dreaded gray slush immediately pop in my mind when I see snow is the forecast. It’s an unfortunate thing.

But, there is that one fleeting moment when I see the first snowflake drop and wake up to a fresh white blanket. I remember the days of being younger and celebrating.

Then I realize I need to dig my car out, and the real world slaps me back in the face. I then realize I’m outside shoveling snow and my pajamas are inside out.

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