I think we all have grandiose ideas of what we’d do if we won a huge lottery jackpot, but one of those ideas probably doesn’t involve finishing out a 12 hour work shift before telling a soul.

If I won a major amount of money, I’d definitely find a way to excuse myself from work to tell my husband and then lawyer up and find a financial advisor. And then, I’d probably go back to work the next day, not telling anyone until the lawyer, advisor, my husband and I had everything sorted out.

If your name were Amadou Gillen and you won $5.8 million, you wouldn’t tell a soul though, at least not for a few hours. You wouldn’t reach out to your spouse, or a lawyer or financial advisor. No, you’d finish out your 12-hour work shift.

Gillen worked as a kitchen manager at a pub and when he discovered that he’d won almost 6 million dollars on scratch-off lottery ticket, he kept his lips zipped and worked the remaining four hours in his shift.

Gillen told the Wiltshire Times, “I found out I had won at about 8 p.m. and didn’t finish my shift until midnight. I wanted to celebrate but couldn’t, it was a feeling I can’t really express.”

If you’re wondering what he’s up to now, Gillen has left his job at the restaurant, and his plans for the money include paying for his oldest daughter’s education and donating some of the winnings to charity. He’s also wants to use the money to move from his one-bedroom apartment to a three-bedroom home.

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