The Powassan virus is a rare deer tick virus and according to, it has already taken the life of one person in New Jersey and has infected another.

Earlier this month, reported that Armand Desormeaux, an 80-year old man from Hampton, NJ in Sussex County, died after being infected.  Desormeaux's daughter said that her father "had been relatively healthy for his age up until he started experiencing disturbing symptoms — uncontrollable tremors, loss of verbal skills and inability to move his limbs." says that, "The incubation period of Powassan ranges from about one week to one month" and "possible symptoms include fever, loss of coordination, seizures, and more" and that while, "the virus is generally not fatal, many surviving patients are left with neurological symptoms for the rest of their lives."

The Center for Disease Control & Prevention suggests you follow specific guidelines to help prevent contracting a deer tick virus.  Here are a few of those guidelines:

For more information on preventing tick bites, removing ticks, checking symptoms of tick bites and more, click here.

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