With the current shortages of masks in stores and across the country, it can be hard to find the level of protection you're comfortable with against the virus.

Luckily, the latest advancements in the oh-so-easy DIY field allow anyone to make a mask in the comfort of their own home, even without prior crafting experience.

Dr. Shawn Nasseri, a certified ear, nose, and throat surgeon, spoke to KOMO News about how you can make a mask for yourself, even if you have no sewing experience.


Here's how to make some for yourself, your partner, your children, or anyone else important in your life.

Make a No Sewing Required Facemask At Home

<iframe src="https://sinclairstoryline.com/resources/embeds/jw8-embed.html?client=googima&amp;file=https://content.uplynk.com/da6a462c0d56441f8bbddefba9cd2040.m3u8&amp;autostart=false" width="640" height="360"></iframe>


[via KOMO]


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