The last year has been tough in many ways and the I've been surprised by my weakness. The things that I felt confident about were wiped out and I realized that so many things could be taken away at a moment's notice and there is nothing I could do to change it.

Are you like me and tired of all the bad surprises? We have so much negativity around us that we are actually surprised by the good. So how about we try and be surprised in a good way today? So let's try to be more surprised and less entitled.

We get conditioned to certain things and we keep going back to that. We stay in a bad situation because it's the broke that we know. So how do we turn this around?


Getting Away From The Routine

How about getting away from the routine that got you there in the first place? Do you sleep in? Get up at 6 and take a walk outside or sit on your porch. The quiet and calm of the morning will get you in a great frame of mind to face the rest of the day.

Maybe you need to remove some things in your life to find what is best for you. I've said this so many times because it's true. If you are feeling down and out, then TURN OFF THE NATIONAL NEWS.

Get that out of your head because there is adventure in our lives if we'll just let it happen. Be like Peter and get out of the boat because having faith can change everything.

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It's not easy when we don't feel in control especially when almost everything feels out of our control. Sometimes just letting control go because we can't do anything about it anyway is the best way to go.

Don't let the everyday struggle sap your strength because you are stronger than you think.

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