I suppose there are several reasons to hunt. You may want to experience nature as a participant rather than a spectator. Possibly you want to be responsible for harvesting your own food or maybe it's an opportunity to be alone with your thoughts.

Alone is good, until you get stuck in a tree in Upstate New York!

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On Friday December 10th a Baldwinsville man was hunting in Onondaga County. This individual set out to enjoy the day and see if he could collect some trophies. The plan was to take position in a tree stand and start to observe.

It appears all was well until around 1:30pm when New York Department of Environmental Conservation Forest Ranger Chappell heard a radio call for help! Ranger Chappell was patrolling Three Rivers Wildlife Management Area in Lysander when he got the report of a man stuck in a tree.

It didn't take long for Ranger Chappell to locate the individual that was suspended in a tree after his tree stand fell out from underneath him. The hunter was having a hard time breathing due to the pressure of the harness. Quickly it was determined that Ranger Chappell would need assistance.

Baldwinsville Police and Fire were called to the scene and along with the Ranger they were able to free the hunter from the harness. Greater Baldwinsville Community Ambulance took the hunter to a hospital where he was examined and released.

Before heading into the woods for hunting or hiking make sure you are properly prepared. Here are some places to visit for good information or to get emergency help:

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