I've got four brothers and a son. I thought I'd heard of and tasted every disgusting food combination that could possibly be conceived but I was wrong. Very wrong.

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Peanut butter in place of mayo on burgers, spaghetti smothered in nothing but tart ketchup, ice cream with soy sauce drizzled over the top. These are just of the few food combinations I've been forced to ingest thanks to the, um...creative culinary imaginations of my brothers and my son.

There comes a point in life though when a person has to put their foot down, no matter how sad it might make the aspiring chef, and refuse to try a particular food combination. For me, the foot comes down hard at hot dog Rice Krispies treats.

Absolutely, no.

And yet, here I am writing about it. Trust me, I'm all about giving things a try because I've been pleasantly surprised many times. Cucumbers sprinkled with taco seasoning, Fritos and sour cream, fried egg on top of a burger - these are all "odd" flavor combinations I've tried and was surprised to learn that I really liked.

But hot dog Rice Krispies treats is something that makes my stomach sour just at the thought and I'm afraid that I'd gag, or worse if I were to try it.

Yes, friends, hot dog Rice Krispies treats are now a thing and such a thing that they're trending. Whether they're trending because the concept is unfathomable or because people actually like them is up for debate.

A website called the "Vulgar Chef" (the name says it all...just saying) has introduced this odd concoction to the world but it's not just hot dogs cut up and folded into Rice Krispies treats, it gets worse...the whole thing is covered on the top with ketchup, mustard.

Don't believe me that this is a for-real thing that some deranged mind (said lovingly, of course) concocted? Check out the photo here.

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