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I am seeing lots of polls on the best Holiday Christmas movies of all time, and I’m not agreeing with many of them, so here are my picks for the top movies to watch during the holidays.

We all have different tastes in movies, be it funny, warm, magical and even scary, so some of these may strike a chord with you, others may not.

I have been around for a while and have seen my share of holiday movies, so here are my top five selections for best Christmas/Holiday movies ever.

It’s a Wonderful Life: This movie has to make my top five, because it has a great story line, hope, magic and a happy ending that leaves you feeling great, and in spite of it being over 70 years old, its relatable  in so many ways.

A Christmas Story: This flick did nothing in the theaters during its December 1983 release, but in the past 30 plus years it has become so popular that TBS airs it non stop through Christmas.

The Santa Clause: The Original 1994 was the best and is still a popular movie to see each holiday season.

Scrooged: A more modern twist on the Dickens classic, Bill Murray is brilliant as the scrooge character, the supporting actors were also amazing and it has a great musical ending.

Elf: I am a big Will Ferrell fan anyway but this movie is really funny, warm and magic, James Caan and Ed Asner are great, and I love how they took characters for the old holiday specials and put them in the movie.

There are several movies I enjoy during the holidays but these are among my all-time favorites.

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