We've all encountered it and it's extremely frustrating...and dangerous  Your driving on the road and the car that's coming your way is blinding you with their high-beam headlights.

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You feel your heartbeat accelerate and your blood pressure is going up as you squint, slow down and wait for the vehicle to go by you. We've all been there or we've done it to someone else.

We don't mean to do it, we just forgot as our minds may have been on other things. It's scary and can leave you disoriented for a moment. Thanks to new technology, this could become a thing of the past.

The US highway safety regulators are going to allow high-tech headlights that will automatically change where the beams of light go. So instead of blinding you in the eyes, it'll focus on the dark areas of the road.

Highway Traffic Safety Administration Approves New Headlights That Won't Blind You

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is allowing "adaptive driving beam headlights" on new vehicles. These LED lamps are already being used in Europe and can help light up the driver's lane and near the ditches instead of your eyes.

Another way that this will help is by lowering the intensity of the light as it's shining especially if there's oncoming traffic. The camera sensors and computers will help direct the light and where it should go.

This will be on newer cars so it could be a while until this "problem" is completely solved. I've had my convertible since 2009 and If you are like me, you hang on to your vehicle until it can't go anymore.

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