There is so much to be thankful in our lifetime. Of course there are also a lot of things that bring us down, but lets not dwell on that.

The whole thing that got me feeling this way actually began yesterday as we began our annual Food-A-Bago food drive for Broome County CHOW (Community Hunger
Outreach Warehouse) to help families who need some food assistance in our county during this pandemic.

I hadn't been in the Oliver's camper, which is our base of operations in the parking lot of the Weis Food Market parking lot at 1290 Upper Front Street Binghamton, for more than an hour before the first person showed up to drop off non-perishable food donations. It made me feel so good that the word was getting out and our listeners were wasting no time to help out. And then the generous donations continued and we ended up with a great beginning of non-perishable food and monetary donations on day one. How could that not make me feel thankful?

This morning, again it was barely an hour after I opened up the camper, that listeners began stopping by with donations. Our Food-A-Bago food drive has been going on for 20 years, and up until last year, the first two or three days are normally slow. Not now. And I am so thankful for that.

Then after leaving the camper this morning to head back to the radio station, I stopped by to pick up a dozen donuts for one of my co-workers celebrating his birthday today. When I pulled up to the pick up window, I was informed that the person in front of me had paid for my order. I was floored. I don't think that has ever happened to me before.

On what may be one of the most important election days in our lifetime, with such division among Americans right now, it made me feel thankful, and more importantly, it reminded me that kindness will always triumph, no matter our differences.

In my shocked and thankful state, unfortunately I didn't think quick on my feet and pay it forward to the car behind me. But no worries, I will the next time. As I pulled out, I was close enough to honk my horn and yell out a "Thank You" to the person who paid for my order. He gave a smile and a wave, and drove away.

And to top it off, the co-worker who is celebrating his birthday today, wanted to share his dozen donuts with everyone else in the building, even though I said they were all for him. And a little later another co-worker dropped off a bag of delicious cashew nuts on my desk, just because she knows how much I love them (cue the "Awe" here.)

Yes, that's why I feel so thankful today. With all that's been going on in 2020, the selflessness and kindness is still there as it always had been. And I am really thankful for that.

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