What a difference a month makes? Last month at this time, we were getting ready for parade day and daylight savings time. Is it me or did March have 98 (.1) days in it? So are you happy that April is here?

I'm glad but this year, I'm going to skip the (April) foolishness. I'm still waiting to hear that the last three weeks were a prank but we know it's not.

Under normal circumstances, today is the day that we would play pranks on our fellow office mates but for many, there isn't an office to go to. A friend of mine mentioned that he was going to play a joke on his quarantined family. I reminded him that he wouldn't be able to get away from them when it goes bad.

He said it wasn't anything major but he was going to replace all the pictures in the house that had a picture of him in it with pictures of Tom Cruise. No, I didn't ask where he got all the Tom Cruise pictures from.

We turn to Google for everything and they are doing something different this year too. They are skipping this year's traditional April Fools' jokes, and it's probably a great idea to follow their lead.

My advice is not to pull your regular pranks and save it for next year when things will be a whole lot brighter...I hope. The best joke to play is the joke that isn't made.

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