Recently, I wrote an article reminiscing with some of my co-workers about stores that used to be in Johnson City's Oakdale Mall, now renamed Oakdale Commons. Since the Oakdale Mall opened almost 50 years ago - 1975, that is quite a span of years for stores to come and go in a mall.

As online shopping continues to become a popular way to shop, many malls across the country have had trouble holding onto tenants, and some have since closed. You can find several videos on YouTube of walks through malls across the country that have closed.

Fortunately for our community, many times local groups step in to keep places alive with revitalization and re-inventing. That's what is currently happening with the Oakdale Mall as it transforms into the Oakdale Commons, and we're excited about this.

But, back to reminiscing about the stores that used to occupy the Oakdale Mall, my co-workers and I came up with 39 stores no longer there. Realizing there were more stores we forgot about, we asked on our Facebook pages, and many commented with stores they remembered, that were not on our list.

We also were made aware of an Oakdale Mall Memories Facebook group you may be interested in checking out for more history of the mall. And, below are the additions of businesses from those of you who added to our original list. Some of these, I don't remember. Are there any others we missed?

    • Limited Too
    • Weather Vane
    • JoAnne Fabrics
    • Shed House
    • Jade East
    • Villa Pizza
    • Eastern Mountain Sportswear
    • Catherine's
    • Anderson Little
    • Tops-n-Bottoms
    • Cole's Books
    • Reader's Island
    • Schatz
    • Things Remembered
    • Abercrombie & Fitch
    • Mr. Bulky
    • Augustinos
    • Taco Maker
    • One Hour Photo
    • Banana Republic
    • Northern Reflections
    • Tuxedo Junction
    • Orient Express
    • Bob's Lemonade
    • Software, Etc.
    • G&G
    • Electronics Boutique
    • NY & Co.
    • Bombay Co.
    • Chess King
    • Herkimer's
    • Herman's Jewelers
    • Children's Place
    • Midnight Movies? (video store)

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